Wherever possible we try to give our customers a fixed price for their repair. Although this is not always possible. In these situations we will keep in regular contact with you to ensure that you are not faced with an unexpected bill. We will also be upfront and honest if we believe something is not worth repairing we will tell you - then it's up to you..

Hardware Failure:

Laptop computer - supply and replace power socket - £65 - £75

Desktop - power supply failure – supply and replace power supply unit - £45 - £75

Hard drive failure. Supply and replace 500Gb hard drive. Reinstall software. Transfer data from old hard drive to new.

(dependent upon quantities of data and software for re-installation) - £100 - £145

Virus or Malware Removal

PC - removal of malware (scamware or spyware) - Scan, remove and repair. Assuming a common type of malware. £45 - £60

PC - removal of Virus (dependent upon serverity) - £40 - £65


Laptop – liquid damage/drink spillage (Parts will need to dry out for at least 24 hours. It's likely that some parts might need replacing after an accident like this, particularly the keyboard) - £60

Laptop - supply and replace broken laptop screen - These prices include the parts needed but this might vary depending on the make and model of your laptop. - £90 - £125

Installations & Upgrades

PC - install new Operating System - £45 - £80

Visit customer's home to set up a new desktop computer, printer, WiFi - £50 - £70

Upgrade RAM (computer memory 2GB to 4GB) - £55

PC - carry out a general service - £45


We do charge a call out fee of £30 (for home customers to eliminate time wasters) - Although in most situations this fee is waived if we take away equipment for repair!

Remote support sessions are charged at £15.00 for up to 30 minutes (paid in advance)


All repairs come with a 3 month guarantee - Excluding usage resulting in reinfection from Virus/Malware.

10% Discount for University students and O.A.P's. (valid N.U.S card required for students)


Work by appointment on site at business is charged at £40.00/hour (excludes parts)

Off site work for a business is charged at £26.00/hour (excludes parts).

Terms & conditions apply.


  What Others Charge

Always remember the cheapest is most definitely not best where computer services are concerned!

Home-Computer-Fix constantly sees poorly built and repaired computers - Virus and Spyware still present, illegally loaded software and unresolved hardware issues.

Many computer repair jobs are time consuming if they are done right.

They need to be done right as we all put our trust in computers with the personal information they transmit.

We have visited many households with young children where no Internet Security software is installed at all on machines which they have access too. Security suites need to be set up properly to protect children from seeing content or chatting to people they shouldn't online. From an adult outlook your computers need to be free of illegal, information gathering software especially when online purchasing and banking are involved.

Get it done once - Get it done right!