As we perform repairs and upgrades on customer's computers it is quite concerning the sheer amount of people who use their equipment online with no valid security software installed.

Users often assume they are protected as most new computers ship with Norton or McAfee products installed although these are normally on a 90 day trial and rarely renewed:

Norton expired


This effectively means the day the trial runs out you are no longer protected from any new security threats that come along after that expiry date.

Having said that, we would not advise merely following the 'renew now' link that was installed on your new computer as this is by far the most expensive way of buying software.

 As an indication one of the major Internet security software producers 'Kaspersky' is detecting on average 315,000 new online threats every single day - so running with no protection on your computer is literally 'playing with fire' especially when most people use their computers for inputing sensitive, private information for activities such as online purchases and online banking.

What is even more worrying is the number of people whose children have a free rein on a family computer that has no protection, Parental controls, or Internet safety software installed which means their young children are exposed to the worst of the Internet - online predators via chat-rooms, indecent images and videos etc.

At what we suggest is, if you are worried about this, contact us, book your computer in to be checked and have any existing risks removed and have a suitable security suite installed and configured correctly.


Click to visit our Blog page which has some helpful advice for parents on how to help protect your family online.





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