We offer Power socket repairs, LCD screen, Keyboard, Hard disk, CPU fan and Motherboard replacements.

Windows and Mac OSX repairs and re-installs, and data transfer services.

Software problems and virus issues on laptop computers are common problems.

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We will repair your laptop and restore it to "like new" condition in a matter of just a few days.

Don't buy new until you know the status of your current machine.

Often the installation of additional memory or the re-installation of the Operating System can breathe new life into a laptop.


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Frequent Laptop Repairs include:

Broken Laptop Screens

Screens are one of our most frequent repairs. Whatever the circumstance, once a laptop screen meets a hard, unfriendly surface it can easily be damaged. This type of damage would incline many to purchase a new laptop, without realizing screen repairs are often far cheaper.

Water Damage

Internal laptop damage caused by liquid spillage is another common occurrence. Often the brunt of the damage is restricted to the keyboard, but liquid can reach more sensitive internal components as well. If you have liquid spillage on your laptop, unplug it, remove the battery, and let us assess it. Continued usage after such an event can cause further damage to your laptop.

Broken Power Ports

Eighty percent of laptop power port repairs we see are caused by accidental user damage, often resulting from tripping over the lead wire. This action often damages the DC port, which may have to be completely replaced in order for the system board to receive power from the adapter.

Laptop not Charging

The power indicator light is often misleading in determining actual battery life, as it does not clearly indicate the level of charge. One should check this status bar battery icon for a more accurate assessment. Once fully charged, unplug your laptop. If your laptop runs out of power quickly, within 30 minutes or less, it may be time for a new battery.  


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