If you have a slow PC or laptop, pop ups warning you about infections, or your Internet homepage is being redirected to unwanted web sites, you are probably experiencing the handiwork of a Virus or Malware infection.

Although we wish we didn't have to provide this service, we are here for you when you need us.

Unscrupulous people with a great deal of wasted talent are continually trying to prove their prowess by infiltrating your computer wreaking havoc and in many cases duping people out of cash to remove the problem they caused!

Working with a variety of software applications, we have the necessary tools to rid your machine of these unwanted intruders.


Our Virus Removal Service begins as a flat rate of £59.00, which is applicable to most situations.security

Persistent forms of Virus and Malware may require a clean install of the computers operating system.

This is done, of course, after all other remedies are unsuccessful and upon the client's approval.

This requires re-installing not only the operating system but all the programs from their original disk(s). Your actual data (such as documents, music, family photos) can be transferred from your corrupted hard drive and restored back.

The fee for this time consuming service is £95.00.

Once you're virus free, we will provide advice to try and avoid the same happening again. We can also install a free Microsoft security suite or if you prefer reinstall or source the product of your choice to provide continued protection.