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Fixing a Laptop Screen?

Laptop screen are a common repair as so easily broken. Whether it be from dropping, knocking, leaving a pencil on the keyboard and closing the lid. It's very easily to do and once the damage is done, it can sometimes be impossible to resume work, gaming, or other tasks until you fix the laptops display.

Screen repairs and replacement unfortunately arent usually covered under warranty and usually manufacturer repair are far more expensive than need be. Many of our customers believe they may have to replace the laptop, but fortunately this is seldom the case.

...But just how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen?

 People can be charged for parts, labour, shipping, and taxes. Opting for a reputable local repair company can reduce the costs significantly, but can still be range from £85 - £120 (dependant on size, brand and laptop model). Vendors also charge different prices.

Generally, a Macbook’s parts will cost considerably more than a standard laptop brand.


Before and After images of a couple of screen repairs we have completed:

Macbook Screen Repair (before)


Macbook Screen Repair (after)


Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair (before)


Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair (after)


Fixing a laptop display will cost different amounts depending on whether the screen is LCD or LED.

An LCD screen normally costs less than an LED one, but if your laptop model is very old or hard to find, this can increase the price of replacing it.

LED screens are much more expensive than LCD ones. The price varies depending on the make of the laptop.

However, pricier models like Macbook’s can cost even more. You can spend around £200 to replace older ones, but up to £550 for later more recent Apple models.

Price To Fix Different Brand’s Laptop Screens

HP laptops are of good value, which makes it easy for repairers to find their parts. Displays can start from £40, but if your HP is a flagship model, the cost can increase to £150.

We also specialize in Apple products and will fix your Macbook without damaging its complicated circuitry. You’ll also receive your Macbook back quicker and for less cost than if you sent it via courier to manufacturer.

Look at our online Reviews as this, as mentioned before is a common repair we frequently perform.

Don't settle for inferior or shoddy repair work - choose for laptop screen repairs coventry.

As the prices from model-to-model, make-to-make contact us via the link below and provide the details for your laptop and we can then let you have a no-obligation quote for us to perform the repair and replace your laptop screen with a brand new one.

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