Remote IT Support Coventry and Warwickshire

Home-Computer-Fix offers remote support services, which allow us to repair many software problems by connecting to your computer over the Internet.



Remote Support

Remote support tools allow us to connect to your computer using an Internet connection from your home, work, literally anywhere. We can perform many tasks as if we were physically sitting at your computer, allowing us to fix many issues, diagnose faults, install software etc.

*Unfortunately certain problems, for example failed hardware components, will need physical access to the machine for repair or replacement...

Easy Process

Simply get in touch and give a brief outline of the problem.

We can advise if a remote session would be suitable and if so can arrange a convenient time to remotely access your computer.

Then simply click on the ‘TeamViewer’ link at the bottom of the page..

NB. Payment is required prior to remote support sessions (minimum 30 minutes)


Windows + Mac OS