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Computer Maintenance

Computers today come in many different shapes and sizes, whether it be full size desktop PCs, slender laptops or wafer-thin tablets. Whetever the sort each one keeps us connected to our digital world at any given time.

Whether you depend on your device(s) for work or leisure, keeping them in great condition is of the utmost importance. From their operational functionality to their cosmetic appeal, a well-maintained computer looks good, lasts longer, and performs much more reliably long term.

Keeping your PC in good condition lengthens the life of your PC, both internally and externally. A glitchy operating system, overheating components or CPU, or a quick-draining battery are avoidable computer problems that a bit of good regular maintenance could protect against.


Lots of people and indeed small business owners overlook this important task because they don’t understand or not been advised why it is necessary. But a dirty computer can have a tangible impact on your business. Here are just some of the issues that could happen.

Over time, dust can build up inside your computer and clog the fan and heatsinks that keeps your computer from overheating by preventing good air circulation. This build-up is also assisted by static electricity which attracts dust to the components.

*Build ups are caused by everyday dust, pollen, pet-hair, cigarette smoke and even spray deodorant.

*Photos show some of the 'before' and 'after' stripdowns and component cleansing we have completed..


Frequent overheating will ultimately slow down your computer, which can lead to a loss of productivity.

..Also significantly shorten the lifespan of your components or device and thus cause you extra expense on early replacement or repair services.


Computer Tune-ups

Is your computer running frustratingly slow? As time goes by your Windows operating system will amass unnecessary files that clutter the system or and programs that run in the background when not needed using valuable system resources. We can declutter and tune-up your computer system and optimise the hard disk, remove unnecessary start-up items, system files, unwanted software and toolbars and install the latest updates.

Take advantage of our general service and your computer will run at its best. Contact us and book in.

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We can expertly clean your PC or Laptop and carry out an general service removing excess dust from static sensitive components and re-apply superior thermal paste to CPU and Graphics chips to improve heat transfer and dissipation. Your computer will run at its best both physically and on a software level.